Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rentals in Cody, WY

What are the requirements to rent a car?

Renter must be over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. If under 21 to 25, renter will only be able to rent an economy sized to full sized sedan as well as pay an under age fee of $25 per day.


Can you pick me up?

Contact us for information on specific locations and available pickup times.


Can you deliver cars in Cody?

No, unfortunately we do not offer that service due to distance.


Does it cost extra for my spouse to drive?

No, your spouse is free but there is a small additional charge for others that may wish to drive.


Do I get charged if I return the car early?

No, you only get charged for the time you have the car.


Do you offer one way rentals?

When availability permits, we do offer one way rentals.


What is the LDW?

If purchased, a loss damage waiver may waive or limit the renter’s financial responsibility for damages done to the vehicle while it is in their possession.


What additional fees or taxes apply to rent a vehicle?

A 4% state tax, $1.50 per day vehicle license fee applies. There is a 3% city tax applied at the downtown location or a 11.11% airport concession fee applied at the airport location.


Could extra charges be applied upon returning the rental car?

Daily rental prices are based on 24 hour periods. If the car is returned late, additional hourly/daily rates will apply. Additionally, excessively dirty cars (e.g., evidence of smoking in the car, pet hair, stains, offensive odors, etc.) may cause the renter to be charged a cleaning fee.


Where can I get directions or information?

All of our friendly personnel know the area and can get you headed in the right direction. Maps are also provided for you. We supply a welcome packet upon arrival and offer suggestions to help create a wonderful visit.